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Reusser Design is a progressive, innovative web development and design agency based in Northeast Indiana. Located near Fort Wayne, we specialize in web development, graphic design, search engine optimization, internet marketing, e-commerce, content strategy and much, much more. We respect your web browser, and want to make sure it's experiencing the best code it's ever seen.

  • Web Development

    We take the time to learn about your company and make sure the site is working hard for you.

  • Responsive Design

    We'll make sure your site is fully responsive and looks good on any internet-capable device.

  • Mobile Apps

    All the kids these days are interacting with apps. Whether it's iOS or Android, we have you covered.

  • Content Strategy

    Content is king, and we're here to make sure your message is clear throughout the entire process.

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Leaders in Responsive Web Development

Web developers are faced with a big challenge: the ever-fragmenting screen size. Users browse the web on hundreds of sizes of screens; from the tiniest smart phones to the largest flat-screen TVs. How do we make sure the sites we create look and function their best in all of these formats? The answer: responsive design. This technique adapts the site's content and layout to fit perfectly with the screen width.

With our first responsive site launched in 2011, we pioneered the technology in Fort Wayne. Though it spread like wildfire, we have the largest and most diverse responsive portfolio in town. Whether your needs are simple or complex, from a small nonprofit's site to a large regional airport hub, we can help. If you want your website to look stunning on any screen, from an iPhone to a Samsung TV, we're your agency.

  • "Our success would not have been possible without their astute minds understanding our vision and implementing it into a professional campaign."

    – Eric Harris, Co-owner and Wine Maker at Two-EEs Winery

  • "Nate and his team carefully listen and work hard with clients to understand their specific needs. Not only did they design a professional looking site with all of the functionalities we desired, they advised and guided us on ways to organize and improve our overall web presentation."

    – Michele Platte, Fort Wayne Airport

What We Do

We're consumed with a passion for the web, and it shows in our work.
Here's just a sampling of services that we do best:

  • Web Development

    If code is poetry, call us Dorothy Parker. We'll build your website to be modern and beautiful, inside and out. You'll have a strong site that helps you accomplish your business goals and looks good doing it.

    • Content Management System (CMS) Architecture
    • E-Commerce Solutions
    • User Interface Design
  • Responsive Design

    People interact with your business in many ways with many different devices. We'll make sure your website looks and works its best on all of them. Losing traffic because of an inoperable site is a thing of the past.

    • User Experience (UX) Development
    • Content Priority Mapping
    • Mobile-First Design
  • Mobile Applications

    Android? iPhone? Doesn't matter. We are mobile device whisperers. If you need an app to drive your business, we're your team. Whether it's an app to listen to radio online, or for charting surgical procedures, we love the challenge.

    • iOS and Android App Development
    • App Store Management and Support
    • Native UI Element Design
  • Content Strategy

    It's important to have a beautiful website, but it's more important for that site to tell your customer what you need it to. Our content strategists will work with you and the developers to deliver your brand's promise.

    • Copywriting and Editing
    • Content Modeling and Prioritization
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We Believe:

In clean, simple web design. User experience above all else. Constantly innovating and meeting new trends. Designing to support good content. Open source tools within an active developer community.

Our Work

We have some cool things to show you — check out some of our recent projects.

Meet the team

We run a lean, mean team — hand-picked web artisans who love what they do.

We promise outstanding customer service from a team who knows their stuff.


Nate Reusser


Nate Reusser founded Reusser Design back in 1999 as a high school student. What started as a Mac G3 tower in his bedroom at his parents' house has turned into a nine person team in a beautiful office in Roanoke, Indiana.

With a passion for helping people and an unending fascination for technology, Nate's been able to grow his business because it gives him the best of those worlds. He comes from an entrepreneurial family; both parents and grandparents ran their own businesses.

Along with his wife, Julie, and inspired by his three daughters (every day is full of beautiful chaos at his house!), Nate feels fortunate to work with great clients and to see the impact of the work that he's done for them.

When he's not working (but let's face it, when you own your own business, you're always working), he's spending some QT with his daughters, his wife and his family. Sometimes that involves coloring pictures during a fancy tea party, and sometimes that involves hiking through the Grand Canyon — far, far away from the technology that's so ubiquitous in his life.


Julie Reusser

Vice President

Julie Reusser is the Vice-President of Reusser Design, and if we're the land of Oz, she's the woman behind the curtain. She quietly and (seemingly) effortlessly keeps things running smoothly — from HR functions and finances, to operations and even interior design decisions in the office. Without Julie, our developers would be sitting in piles of their own paperwork, typing on computers that aren't plugged in. Anarchy.

Originally from the Valley of the Sun (Phoenix, Arizona), she came to Northeast Indiana to attend Huntington University. That's where she met Nate, and where they began their professional and personal lives together. While this is now her home, she definitely misses the sunny Arizona weather — long cold Hoosier winters are definitely not her thing.

After working in the banking industry for several years, she joined Reusser Design in 2006 and hasn't looked back. But for as much as she does for the company, family is very important to Julie. She spends much of her time with her three daughters to help guide them into intelligent, ethical young women. And, of course, throwing the occasional impromptu dance party.

When Julie finds a little time for herself, she's digging into a good book or playing volleyball.


Brandon Noll

Business Development Manager

Born and raised in Angola, Brandon Noll has spent nearly his entire personal and professional life in Northeast Indiana. With degrees in Business Finance and Economics from Huntington University, he came to Reusser Design from the financial world where he was the Director of Asset Management. His experience with both businesses and individual clients served as great preparation for him to step in with the variety of clients Reusser Design works with.

As Business Development Manger, Brandon works to create effective business plans that will generate revenue, increase brand loyalty, and improve customer experience. Along with meeting prospective clients, he spends the majority of his time identifying new markets and customer needs along with developing strategic sales plans that will drive business for Reusser Design.

When he's not in a suit and tie, Brandon attends sporting events year-round—especially at Woodside Middle School where he coaches football. He loves spending time outdoors and volunteering at local events in the community, while leaving room to occasionally binge-watch shows on Netflix.


Laura Larkin

Traffic Manager

Laura has a BA in Professional Writing from Taylor University. Getting into blogging and search engine optimization for content marketing, she worked with various social media marketing agencies where she managed online media reputation for interior designers and maintained email marketing campaigns, social media management, and public relations for clients. After becoming Hubspot certified, she created lead generation campaigns for dealers in the manufacturing industry and eventually became project manager for an Inbound marketing team at a software and technology agency.

For Reusser, Laura manages the content, UX design, and web development teams to ensure clarity and quality in every project. As a certified Scrum Master, she has implemented a new agile approach to web development that incorporates upfront planning and continuous integration with the client's goals at the forefront of every project. For more information, email her at or visit her @Ladycordless on social media.


Nick Johnson

Head of Development

Nick Johnson, a seasoned developer and all-around interesting guy, heads up mobile and web development initiatives. In that role, he oversees the adherence to best practices, defines and implements modern solutions, and generally improves the way we create our product.

Having worked for some of Fort Wayne's largest companies and many of its agencies, Nick's strength is being able to see the big picture while still focusing on the details. He is equally at ease architecting and building complex solutions and communicating those solutions to our clients in terms they can understand.

When Nick isn't editing tiny code on a big screen — headphones on and hyper-focused — he is probably still writing code someplace, or thinking about code, or busy fragging n00bs on whatever the new online game is this week.


Javon Bell

UX Designer

Javon Bell is our web designer and front-end web developer. He graduated from IPFW in 2013 with a degree in Graphic Design. He's the definition of a self-taught man — while he was there, he began to teach himself how to construct semantic front-end code along with learning the principles of web design.

User experience and design is his number one priority when constructing any website. His speciality is creating fluid responsive sites that look fantastic on any screen: from the smallest smart phone to the largest television.

In his free time, Javon relishes spending time with his wife Brittany and daughter, and reading/watching/playing anything basketball related. Even his two cats are named after b-ball players (Kobe and Charles Barkley). He's currently accepting challengers on the court.

Any takers?


Jarrod Nix

Lead Front-End Developer

Jarrod Nix is a talented PHP and front-end developer. A classic problem-solver, nothing makes him happier than firing up his Mac, putting on his headphones, diving into code and figuring out problems, efficiently and elegantly.

Besides spending time with his family, Jarrod is an avid video gamer, an enthusiastic LEGO-builder (especially if his sons are helping), electronics tinkerer, and collects and listens to fine classic music memorabilia.

Do you have any interesting Beatles collectibles he can take off your hands? Jarrod will be in touch.


Jason Boothman

Front-End Architect

Jason graduated from Huntington University with a Graphic Design degree in 2003 with a passion for all things web. From design and development to SEO and content strategies, he brings a versatile portfolio to the team.

Hailing from The Great Lakes State, Jason is an avid Detroit Lions fan. Nothing makes him happier than sitting down on Sunday afternoon and listening to his children cheer "Go Lions!" while wearing Honolulu blue.

When his attention isn't on work or his family you'll most likely find his nose in a book or his hands on a video game controller saving the world from unforeseen threats. If only the world knew what he's done for them.


Austin Drummond


Austin Drummond is an iOS and Android developer. He graduated from Huntington University in May of 2014, majoring in Business Management and Computer Science. He enjoys solving complex problems by implementing simple and easy-to-use interfaces, which allows him to excel at developing mobile apps.

He enjoys reading, watching or playing almost any sport, and spending time with his family. His interests include music, cars, and tinkering with devices (including iPhone repairs).


Parker Kramer


Parker graduated from Taylor University in 2015 with a Computer Science degree. He joined the company as an Intern, and this Huntington, IN native recently crossed over from the Land of Interns to a full-time App Developer with Reusser Design. Specializing in Android app development, Parker spends his days working on apps for various clients, as well as developing internal tools that make our lives easier.

Another aspect of Parker's personal/professional life is making lunch runs. When he's not picking up lunch, he's thinking about what he should get for lunch. The guy loves lunch. Aside from app development (and lunch runs), Parker spends his time watching movies and playing video games, hanging out with his friends and family, and making sure the backups are working in our office.


Beth Stoller

Content Strategist

Do phrases like navigational hierarchy, ExpressionEngine, WYSIWYG and HTML make your head spin? Enter Beth Stoller: Content Strategist.

With a perfectionist's tenacity and an unrivaled attention to detail, Beth will work with you and our designers/developers to transform your content into an engaging user experience. She'll take the time to learn about your business or organization inside and out, and makes the content creation process as clear as possible.

As the lone Buckeye on the team, Beth enjoys watching Ohio State sporting events in her spare time, as well as golfing, traveling and spending time with her husband and two little girls. From training horses to picking sweet corn, Beth is definitely a little bit country, but when it comes to your content, she's ready to rock n' roll!


Katie Hecox

Digital Strategist

Growing up, Katie's parents knew that her incessant love for talking would one day lead to a career in storytelling. Parents always seem to have a way of being right. Katie writes and integrates content, manages SEO efforts, and is the girl behind our Facebook… and Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and whatever new social networking app is on the cusp.

Using various tools to manage content and social media, Katie stays up-to-date with the ebb and flow of a client's online presence. It's not uncommon for her to roll out 3 new strategies in one day, because the land of social media and SEO can be so unpredictable.

When Katie isn't drafting 140 character phrases, you can find her tending to lovely container garden plants, exploring her home city of Fort Wayne, or playing one of the 92 board games from her husband's collection.


Aly Noble

Content Strategist

Aly has always lived in Fort Wayne, IN and is the rightful heiress to Noble Machinery, Inc., a century-old, family owned business located in downtown Fort Wayne. She graduated from IPFW with a Bachelor of Arts in English. Aly spent her years in school concentrating on writing, professional writing, and psychology.

When Aly's not working, she's usually playing video games, watching movies, spending time with her family and friends, and working on her long-standing novel (she's wanted to become a published author since she was like, twelve). Sometimes we even see her singing at the top of her lungs in her Jeep! That's not entirely true, but she admitted it's a thing.

Though Aly didn't grow up with siblings, she's always had cats. She currently has two named Smudge and Finn. They keep her company when she's not working or traveling the world in her trusty Jeep...singing at the top of her lungs.


Eli Crow

Interactive UX Intern

As a recent graduate from Herron School of Art and Design at IUPUI, Eli joined the Reusser team as an intern to gain experience working on a web team. He spends his day designing small brands, crafting and revising wireframes, and developing websites. He also helps out with internal illustrations and one-off advertisements when the need arises. Eli works on larger projects from time to time, but primarily sees small web projects through from design to development.

When it comes to hobbies, Eli enjoys all things creative. He's been known to compose illustrations and practice lettering, but he gets most of his energy through singing, playing guitar and piano, and writing music.

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