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Robust Diagnostic Tools & Real-Time Analytics = A Dream Dealer Portal

Data geeks rejoice! WaterFurnace’s custom developed mobile app and web application connects your geothermal system to the internet giving you more data than you will even know what to do with.

Everyone Has a Story: Get to Know Our Client

With a name like WaterFurnace you may be surprised to find out that WaterFurnace does not actually make water furnaces. Rather, WaterFurnace is a corporation that specializes in geothermal heat pumps residentially, commercially, and internationally. Known for their quality and innovation, WaterFurnace has quickly risen to the top as a respected name in the geothermal industry.

Digging Deeper: Our Detailed Process

This particular project took a lot of research and planning.  Throughout the project we had weekly meetings with their internal engineering and information system departments to strategize on how best to architect these products for them.

Challenge Accepted: How We Overcame Obstacles

WaterFurnace is well-known in the industry for making top-of-the-line hardware, but they had no consumer presence. To remedy this, they decided to partner with us to take their product to market quicker. The knew that their product needed to be consumer-facing so they determined that they needed a website to allow consumers to access their hardware.

However, WaterFurnace customers are not the end user, instead the end users work with dealers to purchase their products. Because of this dealer aspect, there was a strong need for robust diagnostic tools to understand the operations of these units.

WaterFurnace had been working for several years to develop this idea, but they didn’t have the web development or app development skills to execute the idea. We helped lead the charge on development and API, so that WaterFurnace could realize the app of their dreams.


One Project at a Time: Delivering Innovative Solutions

Working with real hardware, integrated hardware, and software technologies together, we were able to develop a custom hardware integration. This combination enabled us to work with prototypes to create real-life end products to show the client, even though it was a work in progress.

Some of the unique solutions that we were able to deliver included an interactive client portal with real-time access and analytics to your geothermal unit and a robust dealer and representative portal with full-system diagnostics, historical logging, and charting, universal application, and an email notification feature.