Client Name The Fort Wayne Philharmonic
Deliverable Website

The Fort Wayne Philharmonic and the Jewish Federation of Fort Wayne came together to bring Violins of Hope to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Because of the vision and dedication of these two organizations, Reusser was able to join in the cause and create a website for this special commemoration.

Everyone Has a Story: Get to Know Our Client

For the first time, Violins of Hope comes to Fort Wayne, Indiana. With them they bring close to 30 violins to be placed on exhibit, each with it’s own story that is featured on their website. Viewers are not only able to read about the event but learn about the history of these violins and gain access to helpful resources as well as see local related events on their website. Images of specific violins are also available, showcasing their beautiful restoration.   

Violins of Hope came together to share the stories of how many Jewish families were affected by the Holocaust. By restoring these instruments, Violins of Hope have brought life to music and the Jewish community. As a remembrance and tribute, The Fort Wayne Philharmonic put on a concert and played select violins.

Digging Deeper: Our Detailed Process

Every project differs in the way we begin and develop. For Violins of Hope, this process began for many of our team members by reading the book “Violins of Hope.” One of those team members included the content strategist that was on this project. Fayth read the book to gain a better understanding for who they are and where their back story comes from.

Aside from reading the book there was a lot more pre-developing work that needed to be done. Our team worked hard on building a content model as well as creating the concept and design for the site. Violins of Hope has traveled to many different cities and there are many existing sites that we were able to reference. Looking at different websites for Violins of Hope gave us a base to start from and working closely with the client we were able to also integrate and develop content as well as imagery.

"Reading Violins of Hope completely brought the site to life. As the Content Strategist, knowing the compelling stories of each violin allowed me to have a full grasp on how the content needed to be portrayed to its audience. Not only was I able to create a better website, but I also gained a deep passion for this event and what it represents."

Fayth Glock, Reusser Design

Challenge Accepted: How We Overcame Obstacles

Violins of Hope is deep rooted in the history of the Holocaust and it was important for our team to take this into consideration. Everything needed to be historically accurate throughout the whole website. All images were provided by Violins of Hope to ensure the authenticity of everything. Recently taken photos are included of the restored violins but there are also images on the site that date back to the 1930’s.

This website is meant to be used as a way to remember the past, but also provide a resource for those interested in the Holocaust as well as educational institutions. For this reason, it was important to understand the consumer's journey. As with most sites, we built a defined user flow that helps the team understand how the consumer will navigate the site.


One Project at a Time: Delivering Innovative Solutions

Violins of Hope brought so many people in the Fort Wayne community together. As a community we shared one common goal with Violins of Hope and together we were able to accomplish it. We came together as a community to unveil the website and recognize them for all they do. Reusser Design is grateful that we were able to be apart of something so much bigger.