Client Name Summit Equestrian
Deliverable Website

Summit Equestrian Center, a nonprofit organization, is the only therapeutic horseback riding center in Northeast Indiana where people of ALL abilities can experience the beauty and joy of interacting with and riding horses. Allison Wheaton, Executive Director, was completely drawn to Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies because of the power horses possess to help people from all walks of life. Anyone who knows Allison can testify to her contagious energy, joyful spirit, passion for horses, and great love for people.  

Helping the Mission

With the help of the development team at Reusser Design, Summit Equestrian is equipped with an easy-to-use website and check-in app. The new website gives Allison the capabilities she was previously lacking—specifically, an easier way to integrate custom metadata for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a mobile-friendly site. Due to the new app functionality, Summit Equestrian now also has more opportunities for receiving grants. 

"I really appreciated the time spent working with my team at Reusser Design and coming up with a gorgeous website that effectively communicates our mission. We also put together an app to help me field information from our clients & quantify data to make our grant applications more precise."

Allison Wheaton, Summit Equestrian

Challenge Accepted: Digital Tracking

In years prior, Summit Equestrian utilized the traditional method of pen and paper to track volunteer hours. Tracking these hours plays a crucial part in receiving grants that allow the organization to continue to operate smoothly. Over time, Allison and her team realized they were growing a bigger need for a digital tracking system. Reusser Design built a custom app that allows volunteers to sign in and out through the app. Not only is it a quick, seamless way to gather data, but it is also programmed to automatically upload into Salesforce—the CRM of choice for Summit Equestrian.

In addition to gathering volunteer names and hours, the app is programmed to ask questions that assess skill level. The app can also be used to help Summit Equestrian apply for and receive grants. These financial grants directly help Summit Equestrian continue to grow and help others. After answering the prompted questions, a printer is signaled to print a name tag for the volunteer automatically.


Designing with Purpose

Summit Equestrian’s website follows a simple design, but in no way does this website appear simple. What brings this site to life is excellent imagery found on every page. Between Allison and some of her talented photographer friends, Reusser Design had an ample amount of vibrant, high-quality photos to implement throughout the site. The photos are what make the simplicity of the website design so successful and beautifully captures the heart behind what Summit Equestrian is all about.

Creating calendar and event schedules that are easily accessible for the users, as well as easy to update from behind the scenes, was a requested component. With sessions changing on a month-to-month basis, it is important for Allison to have the ability to maintain content quickly and update the dates and times all on her own within the content management system. These updates are made live as soon as Allison updates the content so her clients are always seeing the most updated sessions available.

​Working with the Team

Working with Summit Equestrian was a great experience for the Reusser Design team. Our team was able to visit the farm and learn more about Summit Equestrian’s mission up close and personal. Check Summit Equestrian’s new website and set up your riding session!

“Working with Allison was such a joy. Allison is loving, super fun, passionate, and hard-working. We have been so impressed with how well Allison has utilized her website. Not only does it look amazing, Allison has continuously been writing new blogs, making updates, and sharing on social media. She is an incredible example for other clients as to how to make the most of a new website. It has been an honor for me to contribute to Summit Equestian’s incredible mission through content strategy.”

Fayth Glock, Reusser Design