Client Name One Eleven Design
Deliverable Website

One Eleven Design, an interior design firm in Fort Wayne, IN, made its debut in the furniture industry in 2001. With a mindset that realizes design is about much more than the space itself, but about the people who fill the space, One Eleven Design creates with synergy in mind. Their product and service offerings aren’t limited to furniture, but complete interior solutions for the home, office, and healthcare industries.

Modern Company, Modern Website

With an eye for sleek, modern interior design, One Eleven Design needed a website to match. Their work is dedicated to creating collaborative spaces that foster inspiration and synergy, and they wanted a well-designed website to communicate that same message.

Though not an eCommerce website, One Eleven Design is still very much “selling” their products by creating awareness and showcasing the vast product offerings from tables and seating all the way to acoustic options and lighting fixtures. With an organized content strategy giving each product its own landing page, coupled with high-quality, full-bleed photography demonstrating the products in a space, it’s easy for website users to navigate the site and envision the products in their own space.

Herman Miller Retailer

Although One Eleven Design is a retailer for over 300 lines of furniture and accessories, Herman Miller remains one of the most recognized among the lines. This brand has survived for over a century and continues to innovate and create products that suit office and home needs. Perhaps most well-known for their ergonomic task chair for the office, One Eleven Design reminds people not to be overwhelmed by all the levers and adjustments available on the chair, but speaks to the comfort and support it provides the human body.

Similar to One Eleven Design, Herman Miller has dedicated themselves to designing with people in mind and finding solutions for whatever industry it may be. They have served businesses, healthcare professionals, educators, government sectors and the list continues to grow as they explore new innovative solutions.

Designing with Purpose

Elements throughout the entire website reveal a modern and functional aesthetic—just like One Eleven Design’s products. The principle color scheme is limited to just a few colors allowing the focus to remain on high-quality imagery to better showcase their design work. Another trend-setting touch included in the website’s design is the interactive team page. When scrolling over a team member’s photo, an image appears of the team member’s favorite chair. Click the video below to see!

“The importance of sitting in the right chair makes or breaks an individual’s body. Seamlessly integrating both form and function, any company, big or small, can boost their employee engagement, productivity, and efficiency.”

One Eleven Design, Interior Design Firm