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Deliverable Digital Strategy

The 4,000 Page Project

Huntington University wanted us to partner alongside of them to help make their website more of a marketing tool to attract new students and faculty and to make it easier for existing students to access the information and resources that they needed to succeed.  Through detailed research and focus groups, we identified the needs of the end user and delivered an interactive website with over 4,000 customizable pages of content.

Everyone Has a Story: Get to Know Our Client

Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college located in nearby Huntington, Indiana. Huntington University offers more than 70 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs ranging from film animation to nursing and biblical studies to political science.

This particular project was close to our heart as Reusser Design is proud to employ a number of Huntington University alumni, including our very own president and founder, Nate Reusser.

Digging Deeper: Our Detailed Process

When we first met with Huntington University they voiced their frustration with their current content management system.  It was clunky, difficult to use, and did not offer the functionality the client desired.

We started off by introducing them to our content management system of choice, ExpressionEngine.  Beyond simply providing them with a new website platform, though, we also came alongside Huntington University’s own web team to discuss digital strategy.

Reusser Design was in the trenches alongside Huntington University doing focus groups with students, faculty, and adult learners while attempting to fully understand the diverse user groups and needs for Huntington University’s website.  Doing so allowed us to understand the unique needs of the different types of students and faculty and to create detailed user personas and case by case scenarios for a wide variety of possible users. All of this information was crucial in helping us to develop a site that would meet every user’s need.

Challenge Accepted: How We Overcame Obstacles

When you have thousands of pages of content, it becomes easy to get bogged down with the content and forget the overall message that ties it all together.  Our content strategists were challenged with taking in all of the content and dissecting it in a way that made sense for the end user. All of this while consistently conveying the message of why a student or faculty member should choose HU.  It was a paradigm shift for Huntington University’s website to be looked at primarily as a marketing tool as opposed to simply a space for managing files and relaying content.

We were also tasked with creating designs to fit the media assets and content that was currently available from Huntington University.  It was important for us to keep that in mind so that our designs remained feasible for the client’s existing resources and so that we could deliver them a product that was practical for their unique needs.

Reusser Design is a key strategic partner as we pursue enrollment growth at Huntington University. In the past year, they have assisted us with the upgrade of our website through the development of new templates for our many pages of academic content and advising on our navigation.

Daniel Solms, Huntington University

One Project at a Time: Delivering Innovative Solutions

Working alongside Huntington University’s developers provided us the unique opportunity to become an extension of their existing web team.  Our team worked to create the wireframes, designs, content strategy, and front-end code which we were then able to pass along to Huntington University’s internal team for final development.  This partnership allowed the client to be more actively engaged in the process, and gave Huntington University’s web team a deeper understanding of their new content management system and all the possibilities that were available to them moving forward with their new website.

The end result was a massive 4,000 page website, including Huntington University’s entire academic catalog, all fully customizable within an easy-to-use content management system. Additionally, special features like a social timeline and functional sports schedules added the extra touch to set Huntington University’s website apart as a marketing tool for years to come.

Since this initial redesign, our partnership with Huntington University has continued to grow and we’ve been able to work with Huntington University on a variety of other projects, including most recently, successful digital marketing campaigns.


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