Client Name Ford Meter Box
Deliverable Website

With over 100 years of experience and over 36,000 products, we think it’s safe to say Ford Meter Box knows what they’re doing. This H20 power house supplies its customers in the water distribution industry industry with innovative products to help clients meet their everyday needs.
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With an inventory that is constantly evolving with new and updated products, and not to mention a current comprised 37,000+ active product list, Ford Meter Box recognized its need for a website that effectively showcases its products. Knowing this information, the Reusser Design team made search functionality a main focus point to the project. The new Ford Meter Box website now has multiple ways of searching for products, giving its employees and customers better accessibility to product information. This new search functionality is powered by ElasticSearch, which allows for a quick response time when searching for products.




Interactive Tools



​Integrating Interactive Tools

Having interactive tools empowers Ford Meter Box clients to have an active part in building their products. There are three tools that each have the ability to build a different product completely and simultaneously show what the product will look like. In addition to showing the product, it gives the downloadable submittal form that goes along with the product. This tool is just another way Ford Meter box can help their clients become more successful.

​User-Friendly Distributor Map

Being an international company (with distributors and sales representatives across the nation and globe), the need arose for an accessible distributor map. Our team built an interactive map that shows the users the nearest distributor or sales representative, just by typing in a zip code or using a current location. Clients are able to pull locations, phone and fax numbers, and website addresses all from one page, making it easier to connect users to the correct distributor. 

Modern UX Design

When considering UX design for the new Ford Meter Box website, it was important to modernize the site while also keeping the traditional elements still alive. Maintaining those traditional elements, like product information, allowed for distributors to experience an easy transition. Creating a responsive design that gives the user an enjoyable experience played a big part in modernizing the website. In the end, the foundation of the project was starting with a strategic user flow that outlined the elements and features of the site. This ultimately made the difference when it came to the web development and design aspects of the project.