Millennials Engage With Brand Story Using Social Media

Millennial Marketing: 101

Everybody’s crazy about marketing to millennials these days. They’re tech savvy, they’re joining the ranks of the gainfully (and quite successfully) employed, and they’re easy to predict (I can say that because I am one!). So what is it about millennials that makes them so attractive to brands searching for an online presence? And what are their behaviors online that contribute to the sustainability of brand conversions?


A whopping 63% of them are using social media to keep up with their favorite brands. Why? Millennials understand the fundamental concept of brand story and awareness. They’re not typically hindered by the use of a device, whether that is an iPad, a smartphone, or a laptop, lending them more time to browse without pesky user errors. 

Secondly, millennials are consumed with the search. They like catchy titles, they like display ads and retargeting ads, they will interact (almost subconsciously) with brands and ads from companies that they like because they have an intrinsic acceptance of the reality of the internet, social media, and brand story.

63% of millennials use social media to keep up with their favorite brands.

What This Means for Marketing

To start with, ensuring you have an online presence is a must. But millennials are only one subset of the population. While marketing to the largest group of online users seems attractive, marketers must ask themselves if millennials are the ideal user for their brand.

If you don’t know your audience, you’re blindfolded, playing pin-the-tail on the donkey—or millennial, in this case.  

So if your ideal user is a millennial, you’ll want to research trendy, catchy ways to increase traffic and conversions on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. If your ideal audience are more experienced, business-professionals, then you’ll focus on Facebook and LinkedIn. Making sure you understand your audience should never be far from mind.