Kathryn Doreff Joins Digital Strategy Team

Fort Wayne Talent: Born and Raised

Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Kathryn Doreff is no novice when it comes to navigating the great festivals and offerings “The Fort” has to offer, like Junk Food Alley, the Johnny Appleseed Festival, Night of Lights, and the local farmers market. Not to mention the delicious coffee and dining in Fort Wayne such as Fortezza, YummiBunni, The Hoppy Gnome, and a good Bravas burger.


Even in her college years, Kathryn stayed close to home and maintained a presence at her local church in New Haven. Her studies at Indiana Wesleyan University—just down the road in Marion, Indiana—prepared her for professional opportunities in the digital marketing industry. In fact, it was her connection to IWU that led her to the digital team at Reusser Design. Our other digital strategist, Katie Hecox, is an IWU alum and was introduced to Kathryn through their mutual academic advisor. Through several interviews and “meet-the-team” days, it quickly became obvious that Kathryn was a great team fit.


College Graduate Turned Digital Strategist

Her genuine excitement for life, paired with her strategic communication skill set caused us to swoop her up right after graduation, and Kathryn was excited for an opportunity right in her hometown. Since then, she’s become a vital part of Team Reusser and spends her days cranking out blog post content, organizing complicated lead generation workflows, and managing projects—both web and digital marketing.

Along with juggling the newness that comes with post grad life and work responsibilities, Kathryn loves photography and videography—she has filmed several weddings this summer alone! She’s also loves baking, and has even claimed to have perfected the chocolate chip cookie recipe (it’s all about the chip to dough ratio).


Ashley Wittmer Photography

It’s great having Kathryn on the Reusser Design team. We’re very excited to continue to see her grow and hone in on her craft while becoming an expert in the digital marketing field.