Successful Types of Instagram Content

A Selfie Worth a Thousand Words

We’ve all seen hundreds of them. Selfies. Everywhere you look, people are holding their smartphones outstretched in front of them for that neo-iconic photo that’s become the poster face of all millennials.


It’s easy to get annoyed, we hear you. But the fact of the matter is, a face is worth a thousand words these days. Photos on Instagram that show faces get 38% more likes than photos without. Not to mention, it’s chemically proven that humans have a specific area of the brain that is stimulated by facesand familiar faces have even more of an impact, particularly celebrities. Which is why marketers everywhere are using faces in their ads.

Photos on Instagram showing faces get 38% more likes than photos without.

What this Means for Marketing

Every social media account has a formula—a posting cadence, a type of image that works best for clicks and conversions, and an ideal audience. It’s imperative that you know what’s worked before for other accounts and that you keep your ads innovative and fresh if you’re working toward better visibility. If Instagram is one of your target platforms, here are a couple other types of posts that may benefit your efforts:

  1. Fashion and beauty shots
  2. High-quality lifestyle shots
  3. High-quality landscape shots
  4. Motivational and inspirational quotes
  5. Behind-the-scenes shots
  6. Candid photos of people in natural situations

And, don’t forget—your captions and your hashtags are just as important. Being strategic about the photos you post on Instagram will benefit in the long run.

And maybe include a few selfies … just for good measure 😉