Search Engine Users Want Front Page Results

Late to the Party

In an age of short attention spans, instant gratification, and information overload, search engine visibility is of the utmost importance. Think about it, when you’re searching for something on Google, you don’t want to have to parse through 5-10 somewhat relevant articles to find what you’re looking for. No—you want your search query to be right on the money and return results at the top of the page.


If yielding accurate results quickly is our goal, it should come as no surprise that 75% of search engine users don’t even click past the first page. While your content might be original, well-written, and perfectly relevant, if it’s not hitting the front page, it’s not as relevant as you think. Search engines recognize click-through rates of links and prioritize hits with a higher CTR. Adapting your marketing strategy to enhance organic SEO is critical.

75% of search engine users don’t click past the first page.

What This Means for Marketing

Without an active plan to enhance your organic search rankings, you’ll show up late to the party every single time. Here are a few recommendations to ensure your website is optimized for SEO:

  • Implement custom meta titles and descriptions on each page
  • Use keywords in file names instead of “IMG00458.jpg”
  • Focus on long-tail keywords that are high volume with low competition
  • Consider campaign-style landing pages for advanced content creation

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