Restaurants Should Be Using Instagram

Aspiring Foodies Unite

How many times have you been out to a restaurant anxiously waiting for your meal to hit your table, only to take pause before digging in? The reason for this pause? Instagram. It would simply be an injustice to devour every last morsel without documenting the beauty on the plate in front of you. Snapping a quick picture of your meal so you can share it on Instagram later has almost become as routine as washing your hands before you dine.


This incessant need to share what we’re eating is actually great for restaurants. With the opportunity to tag restaurant locations, user photos become a free source of marketing for the restaurant. It’s no wonder Instagram is the #1 social media app for engagement with restaurant brands. All of us aspiring foodies want the world to know that we had pizza and loved it! Speaking of pizza, it’s the most Instagrammed food, followed by sushi and steak.

Instagram is the #1 social media app for engagement with restaurant brands.

What This Means for Marketing

Since Instagram is so saturated with images of delicious food, it’s important for restaurant marketers to break through the noise. At this very moment, there are 144,583,558 posts using #food, with millions of others using similar hashtags. Restaurants have an opportunity to use custom hashtags or create contests for their customers to participate in. This kind of forward thinking will capitalize on an audience that already wants to share foodie pictures while simultaneously promoting the brand.