Email Marketing Frequency & Unsubscribe Rates

You’ve Got Mail

Email marketing can be a wildly successful way to reach your target audience. Whether you’re leading up to a big event with a series of emails or promoting a special flash sale with a quick email blast, the communication infiltrates inboxes and persuades potential customers. What’s great about email marketing is that consumers often control the frequency of communication. And with that, 61% of consumers actually enjoy receiving promotional emails weekly and 38% would like to see emails come even more frequently. (Constant Contact)

But how much is too much?


Do you ever feel like your inbox is being bombarded with promotions and deals you can’t keep up with? Or maybe your eyes roll every time you get another email from that company. Eventually you get fed up and click that unsubscribe button that’s barely visible in the email footer. Poof. Goodbye forever.

78% of consumers will unsubscribe when a brand sends too many emails.

What this means for marketing

HubSpot reported that 78% of consumers will unsubscribe when a brand sends too many emails, but how can a brand determine how much is too much? First and foremost, if you’re sending emails out to consumers, you should follow the email analytics closely. Those analytics will provide insight on open rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribes, as well as how users are interacting with the email content. If you notice a drop in open rates or a spike in unsubscribe rates, chances are you could be sending too many emails. This isn’t always a bad thing, though. Ultimately, those users unsubscribing from your content are helping you in the long-run by determining the right consumers interested in your content.