Blogging Used in Content Marketing

And the Reigning King is… Content

You’ve heard it said—content is king—and you might be wondering if that’s a thing of the past. Surely social media campaigns or digital advertising has surpassed the effectiveness of content, right? It depends who you ask, but as someone who spends her days optimizing websites for search rankings, content isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Blogging is the most widely used content marketing tactic, and for good reason. If you have about 30-45 minutes, depending on how long you want the post to be, you can create something out of nothing and publish it online for the world to see. It’s like pulling a rabbit out of your hat. This painless procedure, when repeated often, can result in a huge inventory of original content that can be crawled by search engines. This will lead to improved search rankings and higher visibility on specific topics.

Blogging is the most used content marketing tactic.

What this means for marketing

Other than the time it takes to produce the blog post, blogging is an inexpensive path to a great content marketing strategy. Here are a few benefits to consider if you’re thinking about diving into a blogging strategy in 2018:

  • The more posts you write, the more pages of relevant content search engines have to index.
  • Sharing blog posts on social media is a great way to lead followers back to your website.
  • Knowledge-based posts position you as industry experts and thought leaders.
  • You become a credible and trusted source through consistency.

As you approach 2018, consider creating an editorial calendar with blog post ideas for the first quarter. This will help if you get in a pinch and can’t think of something to write about. Being able to plan ahead is key when it comes to content marketing success.